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John 3:16

Many times we talk about evangelism and its necessity, but we never get around to doing it on a consistant basis (or at all). That's why 'Equipped' is all about doing. Through our experiences we've gleaned a wealth of information and practical ways to share the Gospel. Ultimately however, the Holy Spirit is the one who empowers us to preach the 'Good News', and bring people to Christ. He is also able to overcome (or use) any shortcomings we may have. Our desire is to hold workshops at and in tandem with churches to equip believers for the work of ministry. Ephesians 4:12. Below are common workshops, but we can also tailor them to your church's needs.

Weekend Workshop

Saturday Practical

Evening Q&A

This Friday/Saturday intensive crash course delves into the basics of evangelism while providing fun, creative ways to share the Gospel. Plenty of Q & A time.We then spend a whole day to eventually going out into the public square.

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Know the basics, but feel you need some practice before hitting the streets? This workshop is for you and your church. We'll take a whole Saturday to be reminded of our biggest witnessing tools, practice using them, and and then take them to the streets.

Not so sure about this whole evangelism thing? We'll get together in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere where we can share our experiences and answer some of those burning questions and concerns you may have about sharing your faith.

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