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John 3:16


" One of the reasons I wanted to attend Equipped is that I didn't feel like I knew the right thing to say when I talked to people about my faith. First, I wasn't sure I was clear about presenting the Gospel and wasn't sure how to approach the subject so that people would be willing to listen. My time spent at the Equipped Workshop really helped with my challenges. I learned from Mark, Brandon, and Jim what is neccessary to start a conversation and what to say during. I also learned not to be afraid of rejection because it's a win-win situation no matter how the other person responds. in addition, the resources such as the tracts and the book by Mark Cahill 'One Thing you can't do in Heaven' that were available for us to use as tools to assist and strengthen our ability to share the Gospel were very useful. I am reading the book and becoming more equipped to share the Gospel with my family who are of the Catholic faith during Thanksgiving. I have attempted on other occasions but now I feel prepared. Also when we were asked to go out on the streets to tell others about the good news and put into practice what we had learned, that time spent really showed me that people are willing to listen and have a conversation. My group had the opportunity to witness to all kinds of people from all different circumstance and God really blessed our time together using each one of our personalities so perfectly. I think my biggest struggle was thinking that people didn't want to hear or talk about Jesus. Now that I am clear about how to present the Gospel to impact people's thoughts about who Jesus is and what He did for them, and understand that it is a win-win no matter what their response is, I feel equipped to witness to strangers and am excited to do so. Thanks to all those at 'Eqipped Workshop' who invested in making it clear and doable to share my faith. It has really helped me to take serious my responsibility to tell others and realize that now is the time!!"


" Recently I participated in the Equipped Workshop at CCSJ. The workshop was so informative and the speakers made it so comfortable and relaxed. They answered and covered just about any question you could possibly think of. It was amazing! I realized that it doesn't have to be complicated; it is really so simple. It's about sharing the love of Jesus with others. If you want to be challenged, equipped, and encouraged to boldly stand for Christ, think about attending the next Equipped Workshop. You will be blessed! Ephesians 3:7 By God's grace and mighty power I have been given the privilege of serving Him by spreading the Good News! "


" The Equipped Workshop was extremely valuable. Being deathly afraid of evangelizing to anyone, the speakers and books made it clear that it is a no-lose situation. The tips given on how to do it were very practical and useful.The tracts handed out, make it much easier to start a conversation. I highly recommend this seminar for anyone looking to spread the good news of Jesus Christ."